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instructors Balerna

Aikido Balerna

The "Associazione Ki Aikido Ticinese (ATKA)" was founded in 2000 at Balerna (Switzerland). The dojo is known for its excellent work with children and for having an active group of adults. The ATKA organizes the annual summer seminars "AIKIDO and MISOGI" at Bosco Gurin (TI).

aikido group Hechingen

Aikido Hechingen

The association "Verein für Ki, Aikido und Gesundheit e.V.", founded in 1985 at Haigerloch, operates since 2006 at Hechingen (Germany). They have a nice little dojo and a small group with experienced yudansha.

instructors Balerna

Aikido Vienna

The association "Verein für Ki, Aikido und Gesundheit" was founded in 2014 by Ryan Jepson, who studied Ki Aikido in England, in Germany and on many seminars with Yoshigasaki Sensei. They have a nice peculiar dojo in Garage Grande, Deinhardsteingasse 12-14, Vienna.

instructor Antwerp

Aikido-Kai Antwerp

Aikido-Kai Antwerp is the dojo of Sven Millei at Antwerp. Sven started with Aikido at Stuttgart and is the founder of the dojos at Ammerlügen and at Trebur.