All of Aikido

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki
456 pages, 1487 colour photos and diagrams
Aikido is a Japanese martial art that, even though it is based on the fighting techniques of the Samurai in feudal Japan, has developed into a peaceful, non-fighting art.
Like meditation, Aikido is a way of life meant for people who want peace of mind and peace in the world. This book describes in detail how Aikido techniques can work to stop fighting instead of carrying on conflicts. It gives a thorough guide to the foundations of the art and suggestions of how to apply these ideas in daily life. Born in 1951 in Kagoshima, Japan, the author Kenjirō Yoshigasaki Sensei is teaching Ki and Aikidō in Europe since 1977, he is now president of the «Ki no Kenkyukai Internationale».
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Inner voyage of a stranger

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki
It demands a lot of reflection every day to understand life.
Life consists of perception and action. Most people, however, only try to control their actions and do not realize the importance of perception for their lives. Every individual's actions at any given moment in time are determined by the way he or she perceives the world.
This book is meant for all those who really want to understand life.
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Aikido and the dynamic sphere

A. Westbrook and O. Ratti
An illustrated introduction
336 p., 1330 ill., Bound with thread stitching
Aikido: an art of self-defense whose ethical bases are aimed not to hurt the opponent, but to restore balance and harmony - within ourselves, with the other, with humanity and ultimately with the universe.
This book describes in detail and understandable the motivation, the basics and all important techniques of Aikido. Illustrated with 1330 drawings that illustrate the essence of the movements better than any photograph could be, this basic work has been a valued help for anyone studying aikido for many years, whether beginner or teacher.
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