tsuzukiwaza 26

jo 2


This version, where you finish the kata with a new 1 after 22, was practised until about the year 2000. Changes in the newer version are:
1. Count 1 will end in chudan and count 2 will end as before in jodan, for not doing the same form twice.
2. The kata now ends with count 22.

bokken & jo 2


(required for 3° DAN)

jo 2 & bokken


(required for 2° DAN)

1 Nage in left hanmi, jo vertical holding with left hand. Uke with bokken in chudan gets closer to Nage. Nage puts the end of the jo in his right hand and attacks Uke’s hands with a tsuki. Uke lifts bokken in jodan, stepping back and returning immediately with a shomenuchi while Nage returns in chudan.
2 Nage attacks with tsuki, Uke does the same as in 1, while Nage returns in jodan (zujō).
3 Nage attacks with yokomenuchi. Uke steps a little back and counterattacks immediately with shomenuchi. Nage parries the strike with the part of the jo between his two hands and continues with gyaku yokomenuchi (without stepping forward, right foot is forward).
3+ Nage attacks like before with yokomenuchi. Uke steps back. Nage continues with the form of gyaku yokomenuchi, steps a little outside to the left and ends with the jo vertical at his right side, inviting Uke for shomenuchi.
4 Uke attacks with shomenuchi. Nage strikes from above to the right on the bokken.
5 Nage continues with gyaku yokomenuchi, Uke steps back.
6 Nage changes hands and does tsuki, Uke grabs the jo with his left hand and tries to strike with yokomenuchi.
7 Nage leads Uke along his left side to the back, where Uke lets go of the jo. Nage keeps the jo vertically at his right side.
8 same as 4
9 same as 5
10 same as 6
11 same as 7
12 Nage does tsuki to the back on his left side (hidari kōhōtsuki).
13 Nage does tsuki to the back on his right side (migi kōhōtsuki).
14 Nage turns again backwards and does a tsuki (ushiro muki – tsuki).
15 Nage turns backwards again changing hands with the jo above his head, yokomenuchi, right foot forward (STOPP).
16 Nage passes the jo under the bokken, and hits Uke at his right side with yokobarai (HIT).
16+ As before Nage strikes to Uke’s right side, Uke steps back, Nage does a full turn and ends with jo above head. Uke hits Nage on his left arm with shomenuchi (HIT).
17 Uke attacks with shomenuchi, Nage strikes upwards under Uke’s right arm.
18 Nage attacks with tsuki to the head above Uke’s right arm (HIT).
17+ like 17, but without hitting, because Uke steps back in chudan.
18+ like 18, but without hitting, because Uke keeps distance.
19 Nage does gyaku yokomenuchi, Uke steps back in chudan with right foot forward.
20 Nage changes hands and does tsuki, while Uke steps back lifting bokken in jodan. After tsuki Nage steps far backwards.
21 Uke attacks with shomenuchi, Nage strikes from bottom up (harai age). Uke steps back.
22 Nage changes hands and does tsuki with right foot forward on Uke’s left.